Spirit of the Arts carries student creativity forward in 2021

After a year when the Catholic Arts program quickly pivoted to an online format, 2021 will see a new festival format that will showcase the incredible talents of Catholic students right across the state.

The new Spirit of the Arts festival will bring together the Performing Arts Festival’s final concert, the Catholic Education Carnevale showcase, and highlights from the Angelico Art Exhibition in the Perth CBD between 13 and 17 September.

For the first time, Carnevale will be expanded from a one-day event, with performances spanning four days at Yagan Square and Forrest Place.

Catholic Arts Chair, Darryl Winsor, said there were a number of reasons that 2021 was the perfect time to re-imagine the regular schedule of events. 

“While the Catholic Arts team did an amazing job during the COVID restrictions of 2020, the opportunity to once again engage in public forums, through events such as Carnevale, provided the stimulus to restructure the way we approached this,” he said. 

“Through close collaboration between CEWA’s Catholic Arts, Marketing and Events teams, this has evolved into the Spirit of the Arts initiative, which we hope will be embraced by all, 

“It is also a very significant year for Catholic education here in WA, and across the country – we wanted to do something special in Catholic Arts to celebrate our 50 years together as a state-wide system, as well as the bicentenary of Catholic education in Australia,” 

Capturing the sense of community that the revised program will deliver, the week-long festival will capture the spirit of the arts in Catholic schools.

One of the major changes this year is the move of the Performing Arts Festival concert to RAC Arena, giving students an exciting opportunity to perform in one of Perth’s most contemporary, high-profile entertainment venues, while increasing the audience capacity.

More information on the Spirit of the Arts festival will be available soon, via the Catholic Arts website.



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