Robocup win for Chisholm students

Year Nine Chisholm Catholic College students Carina and Aimee are not new to the State-wide Robocup Jr competition.

Last year the pair placed third in the Secondary Rescue Line competition, but in 2020 they surpassed their previous achievement to take out the top spot in the Rescue Line Open Division.

The Rescue Line challenge requires participants to build and program a robot from scratch to navigate a challenging course including slopes, gridlocks, obstructions and seesaws.

Aimee and Carina’s robot took the lead on the first round of the 2020 competition, and won every round over two days, testament to the duos skills, problem-solving prowess and adaptability.

Both Carina and Aimee are members of Stellatus, the Chisholm Catholic College program for gifted and talented students.

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