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St Mary’s College Broome students participate in Global Learning Dance Project

St Mary’s College Broome dance students were recently afforded an exciting opportunity to participate in an international dance project in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University from Richmond, USA.

The project coordinated by Associate Professor Scott Putman aims to develop research about multi-cultural and Indigenous dance practices in young adults, with a documentary being filmed and entered into several international film festivals.

St Mary’s College Broome students participate in Global Learning Dance Project

Students from the college participated in a three day workshop from 19-21 March with activities including improvised movement, contemporary dance, discussion and questionnaires and group work.

St Mary’s Broome were recommended by The Australian Dance Teachers Association (ADTA) to be the sole participants of the project specifically because of their geographic location and their reputation within the wider arts sector community.

St Mary’s Specialist Dance Teacher, Vicki Thompson, has been in negotiation with ADTA over the past six months and travelled to New York to meet with Assoc. Prof Putman for a planning session.

Students have also been involved in the planning process with online collaboration sessions between Assoc. Prof Putman and his students taking place prior to the three day workshop and filming.

“The whole town is buzzing about what we did, the students were amazingly strong respectful, engaged and truly did our college proud,” said Vicki.

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