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Santa students charge ahead with 3D design

Having your phone run out of battery can be frustrating at its best, but imagine if when you went to replenish it, your charger had been stolen. 

A group of senior students at Santa Maria College is using the college’s Techno Lounge to develop an anti-theft device for chargers to prevent this situation. 

Such devices already exist in the US, however there isn’t anything available in Australia to fit the Australian GPO (General Purpose Outlet). 

The students plan to build the device, which will protect iPad and iPhone chargers, using a 3D printer and test it within the college grounds. 

Santa students charge ahead with 3D design

The students made preliminary sketches of their ideas before diving into the 3D design using free app Tinkercad. 

The project has given the students the opportunity to learn a new skill, apply their creativity in a different way, and create a useful product that will be appreciated by many. 

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