Dan Sultan performs with CEWA students during NAIDOC celebrations

Students of Christ the King Catholic School in Djarindjin, Lombadina were lucky enough to be joined by singer-songwriter Dan Sultan during their NAIDOC celebrations in August.

School Music and ICT Coordinator, Matt Ryder, spoke about the significance of Dan’s visit. He and his students have been singing Dan’s song ‘Kimberley Calling’ throughout the year as it is a very special song to the school community, with the lyrics referencing many familiar places on the Dampier Peninsula.

He said “It was a pretty special experience that myself and the children will treasure for a long time”.

Dan was treated to a special performance of ‘Kimberley Calling’ by students, and then he   sang his new song ‘Kingdom’ for the school community before heading off.

Check out the video below!


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